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Get your presence live and with a modern & responsive design without days of effort and converting users on your website the right way!


Our Website Design Process

We've got you covered:

Let us help you with getting your website up with these few steps!

Kick Off Call and Consultation...Free of Charge!

Allow us to meet with you to go over your website goals, frustrations and we even look into local competitors to make sure your brand is your own. From here, you let us know if we are the perfect fit to help solve your website needs.

Mockup and Review

Post consultation, we'll coordinate with you on assets needed to accomplish the website goals. This is where we hash through any fine tuning on the website and setup, then test it through.

Cherry On Top!

After all testing and website fine tuning is complete, we send you off into the world for success and still remain in contact with you, whether you need us or if we need you! We believe in a mutual trust and know that helping you succeed, helps us succeed!


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How can JS Design Works Help You?

New findings within 2023 so far from Forbes, 71% of businesses have a website in 2023, however, only 28% of business is conducted online! 43% of small businesses plan to invest in their website performance, and that's where we can help you bridge the gap between you and your competitors.

What can we do to help you in this statistic?

  • You get a responsive website that looks great on desktop, tablet and most especially mobile devices
  • During consultation, we'll identify any business needs that may be specific to your website experience.
  • Using our unique and affordable hosting options, we can guarantee your branding and website information flows smoothly to your clients.
Schedule A Consultation Today!

Research has shown by 2023 right now, 21% of business owners report low website traffic issues with their website due to little or even no Search Engine Optimization strategies implemented to their site/marketing and users form an opinion about a website in 0.05 seconds!

If you're in the 21% category of low traffic, let us help you get that process started. We may have the tools all ready for you to start, just schedule a call with us to see how we can execute those plans!

If you're in the category where you're unable to release a website, there shouldn't be any reason to be in this category. We are willing to work with you so schedule a consultation today!

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Scensty Director

He made the process of building my website so stress free and simple. It honestly was everything I was hoping for and more! It surpassed what I was expecting and then some!


Realtor, Josh Harrington Real Estate

I was looking for someone to truly deliver on a website design that would attract business and be really nice to look at and use. It was very important to me that my clients be able to use the site and excite themselves with the functionality and flow of all of its features! Whether it’s for ordering product, shopping, or leaving sweet reviews… his design work is amazing! Their developer with JS Design Works absolutely delivered and more!


Web Designer / Front End Developer

I had the pleasure of working with their developer for several years. The owner is a person who is ready to help, no matter what the project or issue. He is willing to take on any task and complete it thoroughly. I appreciate how enthusiastic he has about working with people and getting the job done.

Eva H.

Enterprise Ecommerce Expert

Their developer is one person I would say, is unique in his line of work. He not only puts his ambitious creativity to the task at hand, but also delivers to his clients what they want and connect with them on a level that he genuinely cares for their success in their business. If you need a website, JS Design Works is your company!


From Our Web Designer

Owner and Founder of JS Design Works

I've been building websites for over 6 years in the hospitality and eCommerce industries. Learning from the vast relationships that I've gained over the years, design businesses charge a lot for their time and I'm coming into this to change some of that after learning different strategies and through consultation with the different clients I meet. I'm grateful every day as I take inspiration from my family, friends and professional relationships that support me in any way possible!

Outside of my design world, I enjoy:

  • Spending time with my wife and kids
  • Working out
  • Play games both on the console as well as the board
  • A difficult puzzle
  • Traveling
  • Being Outdoors, Hiking, Fishing
  • Great times out with friends


Some Of Our Pricing Plans

Free Consultation

  • Find out:
  • Business Goals
  • Website Design
  • Support Options
  • (Optional) Hosting Plan
  • SEO Consultation

3+ and more Page Sites

  • 3 Landing Pages
  • Responsive Design
  • 1 month support
  • Lead Generation Page(s)
  • SEO Implementation
  • (Optional) Hosting Plan

Monthly and Yearly Hosting

  • Monthly Site Maintenance
  • SEO+ Services
  • Hosted on Secure Server
  • Dedicated Storage
  • Performance Checks
  • Save Hours of $


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the turn around time like for a website to get created?

    Turn around times can vary depending on the project of the client. For example, one page designs can be built and then reviewed with the client(s) within two weeks of the initial kickoff call. Three page designs can take up to 4 weeks or less, depending on how simple or complex the business model and intentions for the marketing of the business.

  • Whenever a website needs to be created, you need to have 2 core things to start:
    #1 - You need to purchase a domain name so that you own the web address of the site you want the public to see and
    #2 - You need to have a hosting solution. The hosting solution is where the website files are stored and shared publicly online. What's easiest for us, is that if we host your website, we can guarantee quicker support on the website and ease of trouble of loading times on a website!

  • With the initial consultation, we go over your plans and expectations of the web design and request your logo/branding, go over font types to display and also require some images. At a minimum, we can start with just a logo!

  • This all depends on what you'd like to do with your website. If you want to maintain it, we go over the details of this on the kickoff call but also give you some assurance on if you need our help to up-keep your website, we have plans for that that we make affordable for any business.

  • This is where our philosophy of a clients website needs is that whatever the design, we will help the client no matter what. Whether it's the free consultation and they don't want to use our service, or they want us to maintain their site for a long time, we simply care about the needs of the client and are happy to help them succeed!